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 Willow Ptarmigan in SnowDante said: "Nature is the art of God". I believe this is literally true. The beauty, diversity, and complexity of the "natural" world are themselves evidence and testimony of the existence and majesty of the Creator. In fact I see little that is "natural" in this world, but rather I see the hand of a "super-natural" Designer -- one who is indeed the Master Artist. In a very real sense photography is a form of plagiarism. The art is His. As a photographer of the natural world I am trying to capture and 

Nature is the art of God. ~ Dante

share my particular vision or interpretation of the "art of God". My sincere thanks goes out to all those who, through their ownership of my Fine Art Photography Editions, have shared some part of my vision. - David W. Kelley


About The Artist

Greenbriar Area Smoky Mountain National Park Waterfall

Iam a physician by formal training, and while I have participated in numerous workshops and seminars, my photography is primarily self-taught. I consider myself a photographic generalist. I see beauty in all from the 'grand scenic' to the 'intimate landscape' and in the smallest of insects or flowers - the world of "macro" photography. While I enjoy travel photography and do occasional portrait work, it is nature and wildlife photography that are my passion.

I have found photography to be an intriguing combination of technology and art.

I am also somewhat of a "techy." I enjoy all the tools and gadgets of photography as well as the physics involved. I have found photography to be an intriguing combination of technology and art. Ultimately, however, it is the art that is important, and the gadgets are just tools. I also enjoy teaching photography, and while I have done much this past year I look forward to new opportunities to share any abilities I have been given with others who would like to learn.

I am currently traveling specifically to photograph about eight weeks out of the year. Even when I am not traveling a camera is never far from my side. My concentration thus far has been on North America, and while there are many places on my "wish list" left to explore before venturing abroad, I am planning a trip to Kenya. This year will take me from the Lakota Wolf Preserve in New Jersey to Yellowstone National Park in winter, from Arizona to the peak of the Azalea bloom in central Georgia, from the heat of Death Valley to the cool nights of autumn in New Hampshire's White Mountains. 

This site was created in response to those who have been so kind in supporting me by purchasing prints of my work. Their request to have a central place to view a larger body of my photographs, as well as a place to see and purchase new images as they are created, has been my motivation. Thanks to all who have taken the time to view my photographs and especially to those who have shared my vision by owning prints of my work.


The Power of a Photograph

A great photograph wields mysterious power over us. A truly great image instantly arrests attention, and then with gaze fixed, whispers to the soul. Answers are rarely given -- only lingering questions for the spirit to ponder. We are changed -- sometimes a grand and sweeping change spurring us to action. More commonly we feel a subtle, almost imperceptible, emotion -- never spoken -- beauty, tragedy, majesty, elation, despair. The heart knows we are changed. A great photograph whispers to the soul, lingers with the spirit, stirs the heart, and burns indelibly into the mind. Yes we are changed. We feel the change, and we cannot help it. Such is the power of a great photograph. David W. Kelley, 2000.


Charter Member:North American Nature Photography Association and served on the Development Committee


Member: Photographic Society of America

Member: National Association of Photoshop Professionals

Member: Canon Professional Services

Member: The Giclee Printer's Association

Member: The Professional Digital Imaging Association

Field Contributor: Nature Photographer Magazine



A complete Résumé for David W. Kelley is available for those with interest or need. Please use our contact page to make such request.

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